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When nearly half of all the weddings in Hawaii are performed for non-Hawaiian residents, you know there must be something special about this romantic island paradise that keeps bringing people back. Weddings in Hawaii will assure you that there is. Large or small, traditional or off the wall, weddings in Hawaii have many things in common - they're easy, they're fun, and weddings in Hawaii are bound to be memorable. Do you want to pronounce your vows in a helicopter overlooking an active volcano, in front of a Tibetan temple, or on a palm-lined crescent beach with a soundtrack of Nene birds and lapping surf? These are but a small sample of the endless possibilities for weddings in Hawaii, where professional services are prepared to make almost any wedding fantasy come to life. For vibrant weddings in Hawaii with colorful island culture bursting at the seams, go to Oahu. For luxurious emerald-green weddings in Hawaii, plan on Kauai. Tranquil Lanai is perfect for those intimate weddings in Hawaii. The volcanic island of Hawaii is best for majestic landscape vista weddings. In Hawaii, the spirit of aloha will waft through any ceremony.

Weddings in Hawaii are easy to arrange, with very few restrictions and friendly facilities accustomed to preparing the necessary documents. Before weddings in Hawaii can take place, couples must purchase a marriage license at the Department of Health - Marriage License Office in Oahu or from one of their affiliate agents located on the other islands where weddings in Hawaii are often held. Both partners must present valid identification, and (where applicable) should have information regarding divorce or death of a previous spouse before holding weddings in Hawaii.

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