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Above all things, what keeps visitors coming back to these islands time after time is the Hawaii weather. Hawaii weather rivals that of any holiday destination in the world, with beautiful conditions year-round and enough sun to soothe winter-weary bones. All of the main islands are considered tropical, meaning that Hawaii weather remains fairly constant all year, with little variation between seasons. Expect Hawaii weather to average in the eighties all summer, with winter Hawaii weather dipping only slightly to the high seventies. Hawaii weather differs marginally between islands, but no more than within each island, depending on altitude. For example, on the 'Big Island' of Hawaii, weather systems cover all but two (Arctic and Saharan) of the 13 climatic zones found in all the world. These Hawaii weather differences can make for an interesting trip, especially if you're looking for an escape from the heat.

Most visitors find Hawaii weather pleasant and far from overbearing. While the sun is strong and humidity can be high, Hawaii weather is tamed by pleasant trade winds coming off the ocean, especially on the islands' windward coasts (north and east). Sunbathers will also find that Hawaii weather tends to be a bit wetter and more lush on these coasts, though the Hawaiian rainy season is short and showers rarely last for long. On the leeward shores (south and west) of Hawaii, weather is sunny and much drier; in these popular holiday spots, the heavenly Hawaii weather continues virtually uninterrupted by rain. In most areas, Hawaii weather is ideal for golf, hiking, and other outdoor activities every day of the year.

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