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In Hawaii, surfing isn't just a pastime, it's a religion. Hawaiians have, in fact, been surfing for a thousand years and locals of all ages who participate in Hawaii surfing ride their boards as naturally as they walk. The popularity of surfing has grown over the years to the point that it is now a world-class sport, and Hawaii surfing has retained its reputation as a world-class spot to catch a good wave. International competitors now descend on the state for competitions every year, but amateurs should have no problem with Hawaii surfing as there are tame locales throughout and water sports outfitters to rent equipment and provide lessons.

Some of the best Hawaii surfing is done on Oahu, both at Waikiki and on the island's spectacular north shore. Hawaii surfing conditions are generally reliable year-round, but Waimea Bay and the aptly named Banzai Pipeline all but guarantee great waves and plenty of Hawaii surfing enthusiasts around to dole out pointers to newcomers. Beaches like these usually rent boogie boards as well for those who may find Hawaii surfing a little daunting on their first time out.

For alternatives to Hawaii surfing, canoeing and kayaking are also very popular water sports in Hawaii. Companies like Molokai Ranch Activities on Molokai offer kayak rentals and excursions, while water sports outfitters are never too far away from popular beaches and bays (where you may want to combine a half a day of Hawaii surfing with other activities). For the best snorkeling contact Trilogy Excursions' Discover Lanai, which operates out of Maui but organizes day trips to its smaller, and less crowded neighbor.

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