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Hawaii car rentals make exploring the islands much easier and less time consuming, allowing you to get the most out of your trip there. Though public transportation on Oahu is adequate, the other islands lack efficient services or any services at all, making Hawaii car rentals, in some cases, a necessity. Hawaii also has a good system of paved roads, so getting around with your Hawaii car rentals (including a good map!) should be without incident, providing those driving Hawaii car rentals are cautious in the often mountainous terrain. One note: don't expect to drive your Hawaii car rentals from one island to the next - choppy ocean conditions make ferry services across Hawaii dangerous and inefficient, so most people leave their Hawaii car rentals at 'home base' and island-hop by plane.

All of the major American companies offer Hawaii car rentals on the larger islands, including Budget and Hertz, while choices are much more limited on Molokai and Lanai. Oahu is home to the biggest supply of Hawaii car rentals, as most travelers book their Hawaii car rentals directly upon arrival at the airport in Honolulu. To secure Hawaii car rentals, drivers must hold a valid license and be at least 25 years old. Credit cards are not required to make Hawaii car rentals, but a large cash deposit may have to be made otherwise. Insurance is usually included in the price of Hawaii car rentals, and renters are advised to read the stipulations carefully, as they can be quite tricky (i.e. some roads are marked out of bounds for Hawaii car rentals by the rental companies themselves).

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Caribbean Way will be happy to make your Hawaii car rentals for you with the vehicle readily available at the airport upon your arrival.

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