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Hawaii is a long ways away from the US mainland, but it is far from being disconnected. Telecommunications in Hawaii, including the telephone and Hawaii newspaper system, function just as well as any modern nation, so staying in touch with family and news should not be a problem. There is one area code in place for the whole state (808), but dialing island to island is considered long-distance and may cost significantly more than local calls. Public pay phones are widely available for regular local calling within each island.

On the islands, local news is covered by the main Hawaii newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser. Residents or curious visitors may also peruse another daily Hawaii newspaper, The Honolulu Star Bulletin, and the weekly Hawaii newspaper - This Week - that offers tourist-geared information about local entertainment, tours, and events. This very useful Hawaii newspaper even publishes different editions specific to the activities of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii, so that readers can get the most out of the suggestions in each Hawaii newspaper. To serve the large Japanese-speaking population in the state there is a Hawaii newspaper called Hawaii Hochi. Finally, Hawaii newspaper selections also include major US publications like USA Today, which are usually stocked even by small newsstands.

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