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A mix of designer boutiques and kitschy island souvenir stands make up the Hawaii shopping experience, where all the latest fashions compete with brightly patterned shirts and dresses for attention. While regular malls like any other in America dot the urban landscape in Hawaii, shopping there you'll find Hawaiian crafts, clothing, as well as some discount luxury items tucked along side the largest department stores. Outdoor markets and gift shops are also good for some low key Hawaii shopping, but not for the shop-'til-you-drop set looking for lots of variety or upscale Hawaii shopping boutiques.

Hawaii shopping is the most varied on Oahu, where vendors are guaranteed a steady stream of tourists. Honolulu's largest mall, the Ala Moana Center, has over 200 stores ranging from designer outlets to souvenir stands and is the best bet for just about any Hawaii shopping goal. As this mall also contains a number of shops (check out Hilo Hattie) devoted to the famous aloha-wear of Hawaii, shopping here is bound to leave you more colorful on the way out than you were on arrival. The Ward Center and Aloha Tower Marketplace, both downtown as well, are geared more towards the arts and crafts segment of Hawaii shopping but feature some beautiful pieces by local talent.

Around the other islands Hawaii shopping becomes less centralized, but there are still some great places to pick up interesting souvenirs. Museums, like the Kauai Museum in Lihue, often have gift shops that sell high quality Hawaiian-made goods, a tough find among Hawaii shopping destinations as a whole. Supermarkets and drug stores are Hawaii shopping hot spots for locally-produced treats, like jams, nuts, and coffee. Prices are usually much lower here than at average Hawaii shopping malls.

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