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Facts About Hawaii

Over two thousand miles south west of California in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies an American state like no other, idiosyncratic in nature yet a part of the country no less. Facts about Hawaii - that it is an archipelago of 132 mainly tropical islands, for example - clearly highlight the differences between this state and the mainland, but point them out and Hawaiians are likely to take offense. The people here, of which fully 80% claim Asian or Pacific heritage, delight in the facts about Hawaii that distinguish their home, but they are also intensely proud of the history that has made them an integral part of the American union. While the widely-known facts about Hawaii, pegging it as one of the most gorgeous holiday destinations in the world, are certainly true, its residents would also like to expand on the facts about Hawaii that are often overlooked - its bustling urban centers (Honolulu is the 10th largest city in the US), its rich cultural heritage, and the spirit of its people, all of which require a little exploring beyond the state's famous beaches. This soul of Hawaii can be explored on six main islands - Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Hawaii- and the most certain facts about Hawaii dictate that you will never get enough.

The following facts about Hawaii should be useful in planning any trip there:

Facts About Hawaii Currency:
The US dollar is legal tender on Hawaii, and foreign currency can be difficult to exchange. Carrying US traveler's checks is advisable. Major credit cards are widely accepted, except in some smaller towns.

Facts About Hawaii Entry Requirements:
Most visitors to Hawaii (Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and most western European countries) do not need a visa but should always carry a valid passport. For specific regulations traveler should consult their local government's website.

Facts About Hawaii Time Zone:
The Hawaiian islands are on Hawaiian Standard Time, five hours behind Eastern Standard Time and ten hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Facts About Hawaii Driving:
In Hawaii, car drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Facts About Hawaii Voltage:
Outlets in Hawaii work on 110 volts, with two-pronged flat plugs.

Facts About Hawaii Language:
Both English and Hawaiian are official languages in Hawaii, though the latter is spoken only in small pockets and at traditional functions. Asian languages, especially Japanese, are widely spoken.

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