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Honolulu Airport

All of Hawaii's main islands, with the exception of Molokai, have at least one airport, but the main gateway to Hawaii is the Honolulu airport, Honolulu International, on the island of Oahu just west of the downtown core. Major American carriers, including United, Continental, Delta, and American Airlines fly into the Honolulu airport on a daily basis, with some Hawaiian airlines making the return trek from the Honolulu airport to mainland cities on the west coast. Visitors coming from Europe usually book flights aboard American carriers, with a stop in the west coast before heading onto the Honolulu airport. Several Asian and Pacific airlines, servicing a large contingent of tourists that travel to Hawaii every year, make the trip eastwards across the Pacific to the Honolulu airport, including Japan Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and Qantas.

Though visitors wishing to stay on islands other than Oahu usually connect via the Honolulu airport, some flights from the US mainland fly directly into the Kahului Airport in Maui and the Keahole-Kona Airport in Hawaii as well. These airports are also integrated with the Honolulu airport to form a very efficient system of island-hopper flights, a necessity given the absence of ferry travel between the main islands. Aloha Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Island Air offer frequent and often inexpensive service from the Honolulu airport to all of the larger islands except Molokai, with most flights lasting between 20 and 30 minutes. The island-hopper system is connected via the major hubs like the Honolulu airport, but also through smaller commuter landing strips scattered throughout.

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